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What Type Of Protein Is Best For You?

What type of protein is best for you?
Protein can be found in an abundance of whole foods from the animal and vegetal realms, and you can find protein powders derived from many different sources. Let’s have a look at some of the most common types of protein powders you are likely to c...

Thaumatin - The Sweetest Thing

Go Good protein blends contains Thaumatin.
Thaumatin is a low-calorie 100% natural sweetener. Extracted from the Katemfe fruit, this protein is the most potent sugar replacement you can find. We explain to you the multiple benefits of using Thaumatin in our blends.

Why is New Zealand whey the best?

New Zealand grass-fed cows produce the best whey in the world.
Product quality is the absolute primary focus at Go Good. When we formulated our whey protein blends, we had no other ambition than to offer the cleanest and most effective protein powders. This goal left us with no other choice than to use the hi...