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New Zealand grass-fed cows produce the best whey in the world.

Why is New Zealand whey the best?

Product quality is the absolute primary focus at Go Good. When we formulated our whey protein blends, we had no other ambition than to offer the cleanest and most effective protein powders. This goal left us with no other choice than to use the highest quality protein available: local New Zealand whey protein.  


Why did we choose New Zealand whey as the base ingredient for our protein powder? Simply because we believe to make clean protein powder, we needed to use the cleanest source of protein available.

Dairy is the backbone of New Zealand’s food and beverage industry – it is the world’s top dairy exporter. New Zealand’s dairy reputation for premium quality triumphs on a global platform, supported largely by excellent technology, food hygiene standards, and exceptional production conditions.


The cows raised that are used to make New Zealand Whey Protein maintain a natural diet grazing on lush chemical-free grass pastures. New Zealand dairy cows aren’t fed grains packed full of additives, they feed on luscious grass free from pesticides. Basically, they just follow their natural diet, which allows for the production of milk richer in good fats and essential nutrients.


The New Zealand government banned the use of growth hormone’s in the dairy industry more than 30 years ago. Cows aren’t pumped full of antibiotics, GMO’s, or rBGH (recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone) to increase production. Instead, they’re completely natural and are allowed to develop in their own time. The practice of using antibiotics to treat disease is also far less common.

Growth hormones such as rBGH, which allow up to 25% increase in milk production, has been banned in New Zealand since the 1970’s

As a result, New Zealand milk is of remarkable quality. So it’s only normal that by-products of the milk and cheese industry also turn out to be exceptional.


Amazing primary source is complemented by state of the art processing facilities, at the forefront of dairy innovation and efficiency.

Strict processing techniques, such as low-temperature micro-filtration, ensure the maximum benefits are withheld in the final whey protein. For example, our whey protein isolate, though virtually lactose, fat and sugar-free, retains the highest possible nutrient density of any protein powder. Up to 90% protein, it is incredibly fast absorbing, easy to digest, and rich in essential BCCAs.

This quality does come at a price, but we do all in our capacity to keep our product affordable, as in the context of individual health and wellbeing, we feel there is no possible substitute.



Unflavoured WPI

  • Sugar-free and ultra low fat
  • Fast absorbing, ideal for fast recovery
  • Suitable for lactose intolerant
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