Whey Protein Isolate

Grass-fed whey protein from New Zealand

Go Good whey protein isolate (WPI) comes from grass fed dairy cows that graze on the lush green pastures in the South Island of New Zealand. Manufactured using CFM (Cross Flow Microfiltration) at a low temperature which better preserves and protects the nutritional value and results in an extremely pure protein source. Rich in branch chain amino acids (BCAA’s) and virtually fat, carbohydrate and lactose free. Blended with our organic wholefoods Go Good whey protein isolate is among the most nutritionally complete protein powders you will find worldwide.

  • Ultra high protein to build lean muscle and boost performance.
  • Real organic flavours bursting with nutrients your body loves.
  • Naturally satiating, decreases your appetite and keeps you fuller for longer.
  • Fast absorbing and quickly digested, excellent for exercise recovery.
  • Ultra low carbs and sugar, weight management made easy.
  • Low lactose and tummy friendly reducing any bloating.