Vegan Plant Protein Powders

100% vegetable protein blends with a complete amino acid profile and delicious taste. Gluten, soy, lactose and GMO-free.

Go Good vegan pea protein blends.

Whey Protein Powders

Premium grass-fed whey protein blended with organic fruits and superfoods. No added sugar, no fillers or additives. Nothing your body doesn't need.

Go Good NZ grass-fed whey protein blends.

What makes us different ...

From the inside out, we’ve built our range of whey and pea protein powders around a simple principle:
goodness in, good times out.

  • Premium Protein

    Hormone, pesticide and GMO-free. We only use the best New Zealand grass-fed whey and premium European golden pea protein to deliver goodness to your body.

  • Organic Flavours

    Our flavours come from organic fruits and superfoods that provide a powerful nutrient boost with a distinct authentic taste and added healthy benefits.

  • 100% Natural

    Our protein powders are gluten and GMO-free. We do not use any fillers or additives, and no artificial sugar. The sweetness of our blends comes directly from organic fruits.

  • Plastic Free

    We’ve committed to ditching plastic completely. Canisters, scoops, fitted delivery boxes, right down to our packing tape – All of our packagings are uniquely 100% plastic free.

Sweat. Work. Play. There are so many reasons to go good.

Over 3,500 5-star reviews from satisfied customers

Honestly such a good protein. I would buy this again. I love the organic side to this and the fact that there is barely any sugar in it, and the low carbs as well. I've used many protein products and I'd have to say that it is certainly my favourite.

Best Vegan protein powder I've had. Mixes well and doesn't taste like other yucky pea powders. No nasties, simple ingredients.

Bought a sample pack to try before making a bigger purchase. I really loved the natural and banana flavoured whey protein powder. The fact I couldn’t taste sugar or an overly strong natural sweetness really made the product next level.

This is my holy grail protein powder! Perfect taste, thick yet smooth creamy texture (no grit here), low carb and keeps me going for hours. The eco-friendly packaging is also a huge plus. As far as pea protein goes, I couldn't recommend more. 

The protein quality is up to the mark. Solubility in water is awesome and the protein doesn't give an artificial flavour to the milkshake as well. I would really recommend it.

Loved the chocolate! Mixes easily and tastes great! Currently buying more powder now!

Creates a beautiful creamy protein smoothie that I feel good about consuming due to its organic ingredients and environmentally friendly packaging! Not to mention the delicious taste!

Easy to use whey isolate with a really good nutritional profile. Great price, fast shipping & I also really appreciate the effort made to use recyclable materials in the packaging! Returning customer & will continue to purchase. Thanks Go Good.

  • Recycled Cardboard Canister

    Our protein canisters are made from 80% recycled cardboard and aluminium. Compared to conventional plastic containers, each canister purchased removes the equivalent of three 750ml bottles worth of plastic from existence.

  • Compostable Paper Scoop

    Fully compostable paper scoops make a welcomed appearance inside our canisters. A sleek shape and user friendly design ensures you can easily get a daily dose of the goodstuff, right down to the very last scoop.

  • Fitted Shipping Boxes

    Ergonomically designed with the environment in mind. A tight fit keeps the canisters safe with no wasted space preventing the use of pesky bubble wrap, foam peanuts or packing fillers. We’ve even done away with the plastic packing tape!

    100% plastic-free fitted shipping boxes.