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What is a smoothie booster?

As if blending a smoothie isn’t’ easy enough. Go Good smoothie booster range is the perfect solution for the active busy body that needs good clean nutrition on the go! A nutrient dense blend of raw ingredients and superfoods formulated with a full serve of each active ingredient to boost your breakfast, pump up your morning tea or supercharge your afternoon.


Bananas and frozen berries are a favourite in any smoothie so our boosters have been specifically formulated to compliment these kitchen staples.

The result? Three superfood blends each with a unique functional boost:

  • Energy: organic cacao and maca, nature’s way of lifting your game and putting a smile on your dial
  • Endurance: a beetroot and berry endurance booster rich in nitrates and antioxidants keeping you charged for longer
  • Detox: super dense, super green immunity booster, balancing the bod and keeping your body in the zen zone.


Whether blended in a smoothie or scooped into a shaker, our boosters are a liquid go-to that’s good for you. We drink smoothies everyday and a pantry full of overpriced, un-used and shelve-cluttering superfoods just wasn’t cutting it, and we’re sure you can relate.

Mixing often hard to find, or otherwise expensive ingredients when bought individually, we developed 3 blends that take 20 seconds to be added to a smoothie or compliment our protein powders in a shaker perfectly.

A sprinkle of something here and there isn’t doing anyone any good, not your body or your wallet. So we didn’t cut corners just to make the ingredient list look pretty either. No, each scoop of our smoothie booster offers a full minimum recommended serve of each active ingredient. You can be assured that you are receiving exactly the same dose and benefits as you would using and mixing the active ingredients individually yourself.


One of the biggest flaws we experienced while preparing smoothies, and the main reason behind the creation the boosters was the lack of practicality of of traditional powders. Measurements are not intuitive and they leave your kitchen a mess.So we went about creating something much more real and honest.

Our cool little canisters full of mindfully picked, measured and blended superfoods are designed to make things easier for you, less time and guesswork.

Go Good smoothie boosters are:

  • Fulfilling: full serve of each active ingredient
  • Economical:nNo more pantries full of with packets of expensive superfoods rarely used
  • Easy to use one scoop provides a balanced mix of several nutritious ingredients
  • Tasty mindfully picked and paired ingredients that taste great
  • Easy to use One scoop provides a balanced mix of several nutritious ingredients
  • Complete only functional ingredients, nothing unnecessary - no fillers, no fluff.

Giving your body more of what it needs and less of what it doesn't, paired with a working week our boosters are a month's worth of goodness.

Go Good Organic Strawberry WPC.


Get 10% off you smoothie booster and protein powder.

Buy any smoothie booster in combination with any whey or pea protein powder and save 10% on both products; all year round.



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