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Wheyhouse is now Go Good!

A big hello to all of our followers, we are excited to announce that Wheyhouse has rebranded as Go Good! New brand, new products, same high-quality protein powders you know and love. Check out our complete offering in our new stores at or Want to know more about why we have rebranded? Read on... And you may be rewarded.


As sad as it is to let the Wheyhouse brand go it was sort of by accident that it came about in the first place. You see, our initial intention when we started creating our organic flavoured protein powders was really just personal use the as current market offerings just didn’t cut it. It was only once our friends (and their friends) wanted more and more of them that we realised: hey, other people might like these too! We found a catchy name that we could put on a label and sell our protein powders legally, Wheyhouse was born.

Wheyhouse iconic fully compostable canisters.The "iconic" Wheyhouse compostable canisters.

For the last 4 years, we ran Wheyhouse as a part-time business. We satisfied our own needs and kept everyone’s cravings in check and satisfied. Business has grown steadily to the point where there were quite a few people onboard, and we had to make a decision to turn it into a full-time affair - which we have done.


Roughly a year in the making, the birth of Go Good has been a mammoth process. We have redefined the brand from the ground up.

The result has tons of colour and personality. We know this isn’t your black supplement-y or brown organic-y packaging that is so typical for products in our industry (dare I say Wheyhouse used both!). Rather, Go Good is a complete expression of colourful energy and individuality – energetic and vivacious.

Go Good is a complete expression of colourful energy and individuality – energetic and vivacious.

It represents the colourful, real, healthy foods we blend and consume each day to give us the energy to feel really good. It then expresses the awesome ways in which we use this good energy to truly live it and pursue what we are passionate about, everyone totally different. It’s an understanding that no matter how fun, active and unique we are on the outside, we are all fuelled and bound by the same good energy and nutrition on the inside.

Goodness in, Good times out.


With an emphasis on convenient, healthy liquid nutrition we have broadened our range with a selection of smoothie boosters. Made from functional raw ingredients, they will elevate the nutritional value of any smoothie, or make your protein shakes more palatable. We created them with daily use in mind, in order to provide you with the right amount of nutrient your lifestyle requires.

Colorful Go Good canisters on a kitchen bench.Part of the colourful Go Good new range of protein powders and smoothie boosters.

We have also expanded our current protein offerings with the introduction of vegan plant protein isolates. This is a reflection of our understanding of the current worldwide changes in nutrition, and definitely a range that we intend on developing.

We also have introduced a performance whey protein range for those among us that want all of the function without any of the fluff. Our new isolates boast an ultra-high protein profile, with a minimal amount of sugar, fat and carbs.

And lastly, we decided to make experiencing our protein powders easier with 3 nifty sample packs.


As we continue to grow we aim to strengthen what it means to offer products that you can trust, are meaningful and affordable and give you good clean energy to accentuate life’s awesome moments. From the powder to the pack, we will constantly look for ways to improve the goodness we deliver, now just with a touch more personality.

And just because you read this far, feel free to use the code GOGOOD at the checkout to get $10 off any purchase over $40*.

Thanks again.
Team Go Good.

Go Good Team Signature.

P.S.: Good or bad, don’t be shy to let us know what you think – oh, and excuse the website stock photography - We will update these as we go!

Go Good Organic Strawberry WPC.


Organic Strawberry Whey Protein Powder

  • Helps build lean muscles
  • Improves cell repair and recovery
  • Supports your weight loss efforts


*On order over $40, selected products only. Valid until 30 June 2018.

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