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Beguinner's guide to protein powder

New to protein powders?  This is our short guide to help you understand what protein powders are and how they can help you lose weight, build lean muscle or simply improve your nutrition.

What is protein powder?

Protein is a key nutrient found in foods like meats, nuts and milk that your body must consume every day to fuel your moves. Protein powder is simply the powdered form of these protein nutrients.

There are many different types of protein powder, you are spoilt for choice but the quality can vary. Both showing a complete profile, whey protein from cows and plant protein from peas are two exceptionally nutritious and digestible protein sources that your body loves.

Consumed daily they provide a quality protein nutrient that compliments a healthy, active lifestyle perfectly.

What's in a good protein powder?

From nutritionists to naturopaths, all agree that a quality protein powder will contain 5 ingredients or less. Why? Simply because fewer ingredients ensure your protein is filled with more of what you do need and less of what you don’t.

The quality of ingredients is just as important. Think real, organic and natural. Ingredients that have been around as long as Grandma that boost the nutritional appeal and benefits of the protein. No fake stuff, no chemicals and no test-tubey interference that comes from a lab. Protein powder is a health food after all.


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The recommended  protein daily intake is approximately 1.2-1.5g per kg of body weight.

Our body needs up to 40% more protein if we are exercising regularly.

30% of people do not consume enough protein in their daily diet.

Who is protein powder for?

From gym addicts to yogis and foodies alike, introducing the regular use of protein powder into your diet helps to:

  • Increase and preserve lean muscle tone while reducing body fat %
  • Reduce muscle soreness and improve recovery time between exercise
  • Help keep you fuller for longer, reducing unwanted food cravings
  • Provide a high nutrient, fast-absorbing low-calorie food source
  • Ensure you are meeting your heightened daily protein needs

How to use protein powder?

Protein powders popularity is fuelled by its versatility and convenience. Being a powder it is so easy to add into your diet, ready to be consumed anytime, anywhere. From satiating shakes to supercharged smoothies protein powder unlocks the time and energy to boost your lifestyle and leave it where it matters most.
Shake it
Shake it

Pour a scoop of Go Good protein powder into your preferred liquid and shake vigorously for a yummy a nutrient-dense snack ready in seconds. Choose water or cow milk for handiness, or almond and coconut milk for a more exotic taste.

Blend it
Blend it

Add 30g of organic banana whey protein concentrate to supercharge your favourite smoothie recipes with a quality source of protein. Mix well in a high-speed blender for a silky smooth drink that will support lean muscle growth.

Stir / bake it
Stir / bake it

You can incorporate Go Good  protein powders in all your baking creations. Protein balls, paleo loaves, chia puddings. Easily increase your protein intake and give your creations a healthy oomph!