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Powering you, sustaining our world

We’ve worked hard to develop a product that’s pure and delivers our protein promise for your body.
But we also want to create our products in a sustainable way, with minimal impact on our environment.

From the suppliers we choose to the materials we use we have deliberately asked ourselves:

Everything matters – and it’s an accumulation of small considerations each step of the way that have shaped the awesome products we create today. Pure nutrients met with proper intent to ensure that we consistently deliver the best protein possible. Inside, and out.

Our Goal: Carbon neutral

From grass to glass we’ve sought to identify our environmental impact and how we can improve. Offsetting the overall amount of CO2 involved in the lifecycle of every single canister we produce provides measurable benchmark that captures our environmental commitment perfectly.


Altogether better

Partnerships with likeminded suppliers and producers align our commitment to doing things for the better. As expected, it comes at an increased cost but the environmental upside is totally worth it.
FSC Certified
FSC Certified

The Forestry Stewardship Council  (FSC) is an international non-profit organisation dedicated to responsible, sustainable forestry. The cardboard and paper materials used in our canisters and delivery boxes is FSC mixed certified. Recycled paper produces up to 40% less CO2 emissions than new ‘virgin’ paper. Proudly almost 90% of the materials we use are recycled and sourced from FSC certified suppliers. 

Organic Ingredients
Organic Ingredients

Organic farmers intentionally fertilise and cultivate their farmland using techniques that protect and preserve the soil for future crops, encouraging biodiversity in ways that conventional farming does not. 
They’re focused on natural options to maintain the health of their crops and the superior nutritional produce they yield. And they love it when they find buyers like us who care about all the extra steps they take.

Plastic free
Plastic free

Unfortunately our industry standard is to use plastic packaging that lasts 400 years for products that is typically consumed in just over 30 days. It’s this notion that pushed us to think a little differently. That’s why every recycled cardboard canister purchased removes the equivalent of 3 X 750ml bottles worth of plastic out of existence. Together that’s a whopping 50,000+ plastic bottles removed from existence every year!