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Creamy Coconut And Mango Smoothie

Creamy Coconut Mango Smoothie Pour.
A delicious and refreshing tropical smoothie made with vegan pea protein, mango and coconut cream. This smoothie really does feel like a treat and tastes like sunshine in a glass! The tropical combination of mango and coconut is especially satisfy...

Coconut And Coffee Protein Smoothie

Coconut And Coffee Protein Smoothie Recipe.
Feeling flat after your workout? With extra protein, this healthy smoothie will restore your constitution, revive your spirit, and give you the energy to take on just about anything. It tastes fantastic and is perfect as a quick pick-me-up shake.

Vegan Chocolate Protein Mousse

Chocolate Protein Mousse Recipe By Sarah Tanner.
Everybody loves chocolate. And when it comes to chocolate, there aren't many classic desserts that rate better than a silky smooth mousse. Now imagine a dairy-free chocolate mousse, without sugar but still with an amazing taste. Close your eyes fo...

Vanilla Pea Protein Balls

F45 approved protein balls by Sarah Tanner.
Prepare your snacks for the F45 8-week Challenge. These vanilla pea protein balls make for the perfect snack on the go. Sugar-free, they still taste so good they'll satisfy your sweet craving, preventing you to hit the sugar from a candy bar...

Vegan Protein Fit Sticks

Vanilla Pea Protein Fit Sticks By Sarah Tanner.
Back from holidays? Need a sweet treat to get you through the first weeks back to the grind? These protein-packed bites perfect for hunger attacks and post workout. Yum.